Faith Butler

Faith, born circa 1949, is from Tjukula near Docker River on Western Australia border, is from the Pintubi Tribe. She has become a respected Papunya Tula artist whose traditional style is highly sought after by collectors worldwide. This striking painting depicts sacred sites west of Tjukula. This site is a sacred women's (Minna) corroboree site where women perform their ceremonies surrounded by sand hills.

The people who live in the Tjukurla community speak several varieties of the western desert langages, they are Ngaatjatjarra, Ngaanyatjarra, Pitjantjatjarra, Pintupi and Luritja. Different family groups moved to Tjukurla, which began as a camp at the rockhole in the mid-1980's, coming south from Kiwikrra and Kintore, and west from Docker River.

In the Creation Time, Tjukurla is a big Tingarri Ngurra, home for the Tingarri Ancestral Beings.



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