Hamish Karrkarrhba

Born 1967

Hamish Karrkarrhba is a senior Maningrida man born in Mankalord country, Arnhem Land, Northern Australia. His clan is Namundja, his tribal group is Kardham, and his moiety is Yirridjdja.

Hamish Karrkarrhba has been painting and carving cultural items for over 5 years, but held his first solo exhibition at Japingka Gallery in 2015.

He carefully selects the bark from the stringybark trees that are the foundation for the ochre paintings, and the hollow logs used to create the Lorrkon (painted hollow logs) are chosen for the spirit of the painting that is found in the essence of the tree log.

Hamish Karrkarrhba paints the clan images that form part of his cultural inheritance. The intricately painted rarrk designs, the cross hatching that is unique to Arnhem Land, are beautifully rendered in his artworks.



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