Ken Family

Born c1961

Freda Brady was born and raised in Amata. She is the daughter of Paniny Mick Wikilyiri, both senior and highly regarded painters at Tjala Arts. Freda began her artistic career in 2002 creating batik. More recently, Freda has committed to her painting practice with great vigour and is an emerging artist with impressive skill.


Maringka grew up in Amata where she attended primary school She went to boarding high school at Yurara in Alice Springs. Maringka previously painted at the Tjurma Homeland Arts and Crafts centre, which was situated also in Amata. At Tjurma she painted on canvas and created pieces of batik. Maringka returned to painting in 2007, when she joined the other artists at Tjala Arts.

Born c 1968

Sandra lives in Amata with her husband Dick and four children. Sandra's first art experiences were working and learning to paint in the craft room at Tjurma Homelands Arts and Craft Centre, Amata. Sandra's painting further developed with the opening of Minymaku Arts.

Born 1969

Tjungkara is a young and dedicated artist and is quickly becoming one of Tjala Arts key members. Tjungkara started painting casually in 1997, but increased her commitment to work in 2008. Her mother's country is Wingalina and her father's country is Amata, and Tjungkara depicts this country and its Tjukurpa (dreaming) in her paintings with her distinctive style. Mountain ranges, rock holes, and elements of the land are illustrated through her detailed work.

Born 1954

Yaritj has been painting at Minymaku Arts since late 2000. She is a senior law woman and is committed to fostering law and culture. Yaritj was born in Emabella, South Australia, and now resides at Rocket Bore, a homeland north of Amata in Northern Australia. Her works are drawn from the Dreaming Tjala, or honey ants. Yaritj is an emerging artist who demonstrates great skill.



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