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Bush Turkey and Emu Dreaming

Artist: Mabel Juli

Medium: Natural Ochre on canvas

H 100cm x W 140cm x D 2.5cm
H 39½" x W 55¼" x D 1"

Two wiyarril (emus) took boomerangs from their husbands in the Ngarrangkarni (Dreaming) and then followed their husbands on a long journey, fighting all the way. When they got to Moola Bulla (where Mabel was born) the emus told their mothers, the bingirrlbul (bush turkey women), to take the boomerangs and keep going south. The bush turkey women said 'no, we're staying here, because there's good ngudja (bush tucker)'. Ngudja is a plant that grows like a creeper and has green tucker (fruit) on it. Emus still have little boomerangs that they have carried with them since the Ngarrangkarni. You can see them on both sides under their wings when you take all their feathers off. The figure at the centre of the painting is an emu, with a bush turkey on either side. The line of dots across the painting is the road they travelled.

Item No: 1313