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Jilinybeng (Bush Cucumber), 2016

Artist: Peggy Madijarroong Griffiths

Medium: Natural Ochre on canvas

H 60cm x W 60cm
H 23¾" x W 23¾"

Peggy Griffiths recently received a Fellowship by the Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts and represented Western Australia in the Great Australian Landscape Project at the Biennale of Australian Art, 2018. This painting depicts a bush tucker (bush food) know as the Jilinybeng or 'bush cucumber'. This plant grows as a vine and must be searched for among the grasses. Typical of Peggy Griffiths' recent work, the background is flecked with strokes of paint representing the spinifex and grasses blowing in the wind. This bush lemon fruit is green/grey in colour and ripens in the wet season. Griffiths says 'this fruit can be eaten when it's raw but if you eat too much of it, it makes your tongue bright red and hurts your lips. You can also boil the fruit and drink the liquid, which is high in vitamin C'.

Item No: 1668