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Kapi Tjukurrpa

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

H 183cm x W 107cm x D 4cm
H 72¼" x W 42¼" x D 1¾"

This painting depicts a Water Dreaming story. The painting tells the story of a rain and hail making ceremony. Ancestral forces are invoked to bring on a powerful storm with lightning, thunderclouds and rain sending a deluge to rejuvenate the earth, filling the rock holes, clay pans and creeks and creating new life and growth upon the land. Today the Nakamarra, Tjakamarra, Napurrula and Tjupurrula men and women are the custodians of this important Water Dreaming story. The different shapes depict manngirri (lighting) and kunata (hailstones).

Item No: 1431