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Artist: Eunice Napanangka Jack

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

H 122cm x W 101.5cm
H 48ΒΌ" x W 40"

'This is my country. I can't remember how it all happened, because it happened before I was born. I have a scar on my back from it. My grandfather speared a wallaby at Kuruyultu. That night he ate that wallaby. At the same me my mother could feel me moving inside her. She was heavily pregnant with me. That next morning, a er my grandfather had speared the wallaby, killed it and eaten it, I was born. I was born at Kuruyultu, near the rockhole there. I can't remember my grandfather or my grandmother. I was s ll a li le baby. We le that place, Kuruyultu. My father, my mother, my big sister and my father's brother, we all le together and went to Haasts Bluff. I grew up in Haasts Bluff. I have been back to Kuruyultu for visits but I never lived there again in my country. I think about it every day. Only my father knows all the stories for that country and he painted them too... all the men's stories. I know the story of the wallaby mother and daughter which le me with a birthmark. That's what I paint: the wallaby mother and daughter.'

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