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Larrgen, 2012

Artist: Peggy Madijarroong Griffiths

Medium: Natural Ochre on paper

H 58cm x W 78cm
H 23" x W 30¾"

Sold framed.
Peggy Griffiths recently received a Fellowship by the Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts and represented Western Australia in the Great Australian Landscape Project at the Biennale of Australian Art, 2018. Larrgen is the area of the Keep River as it flows through the gorge country. In this painting Griffiths depicts the spirit of the country blowing over new grasses and spinifex (common plants that grow in sand dunes) in the wind, drying out the country before the rains come and turn it to marshland. Griffiths grew up in this area, once part of Newry Station, and she remembers cattle roaming the land. She worked in the station house and later married her husband here.

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