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Artist: Sonia Kurarra

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

H 120cm x W 240cm x D 3.6cm
H 47½" x W 94¾" x D 1½"

Sonia Kurarra is an intuitive colourist who repeatedly over-paints her figurative motifs in rich chords of colour to create gestural evocations of the Sandy Billabong country along the stretch of the Fitzroy River that runs directly behind the community. This gorgeous palette is mixed directly onto every inch of the canvas and gives every painting its unique and dominant colour. Her paintings may appear to be a subtle variation on her central theme yet the creative and layered colours, explosive compositions and confident and expressionistic brushstrokes highlight their individuality. Further to these qualities, all the elements in her paintings - the fish, vegetation and ancestral beings that linger in the watery depths of the billabongs and rivers - are either scaled up or down depending on their cultural and anesthetic importance.

Item No: 1289