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Wild Plum

Artist: Angelina Kngale

Medium: Acrylic on linen

H 90cm x W 90cm x D 1.8cm
H 35½" x W 35½" x D ¾"

Angeline Kngale's artworks are painstaking labours of love. Her attention to detail would sometimes mean she would take several weeks to complete a large masterpiece.

Often in summer, the conkerberry bush or wild plum (that she calls anwekety in her Anmatyerre language) inspired her and produced an abundant crop of succulent sweet berries as she completed her paintings.

Traditionally, Angeline (sometimes called Angelina) and her older sisters, Polly and Kathleen, would cover their upper bodies with emu oil; using ochre paints they would be decorated with specific designs related to the wild plum (anwekety), then they danced and sang (awelye) the story of the anwekety as a vital part of nature's cycle, to ensure the profundity and continued productivity of this valuable food source.

Angelina is a very consistent, meticulous artist who is now, in greater demand than ever. This painting is a wonderful example of her work.

Item No: 1297